Personal Trainers

The journey to achieving your

fitness goals can be hard enough.

There is no reason you should try

on your own.

Raise the bar of your

fitness training by using

one of our certified trainers!


Vince Barbaria

Vince has many years invested in bettering himself as a trainer
and remaining a student. He deeply believes that the principles of fitness can expand to every avenue of your life, and is committed to seeing you achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself.


Jasmine Shah

As a personal trainer, Jasmine is not just another person to work out with..

She strives to motivate and educate her clients about fitness in a manner that is both safe, and helpful. Jasmine loves to encourage her clients to learn, to achieve set goals, and to practice disclipline in reaching an overall healthy lifestyle.

Jasmine’s aim is to guide others to love the process of setting, working towards, and achieving fitness goals.


Valerie Hernandez

Valerie’s motivation as a trainer comes from helping others learn how to motivate themselves, while teaching you what you need to continue on your own with confidence. Valerie truly enjoys seeing her clients achieve their goals. Getting results is what she does best.